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White Sun

Start: Friday 15 March 2024 7:30
Location: Macready Theatre, Rugby, CV22 5EH
End: Friday 15 March 2024
Price: £8-£10

Paper Swans

Start: Friday 23 February 2024 7:30 pm
Location: Macready Theatre, Lawrence Sheriff St, Rugby CV22 3DG
End: Friday 23 February 2024
Price: £8-£12

Bert's House

Start: Saturday 9 March 2024 7:30 pm
Location: Macready Theatre, Lawrence Sheriff Street, Rugby, CV22 5EJ
End: Saturday 9 March 2024
Price: £12.00

Preview Showcase

Start: Monday 26 February 2024 5:30 pm
Location: The Macready Armoury Studio Theatre, Lawrence Sherrif street, CV22 5EJ
End: Monday 26 February 2024
Price: Free

Rugby Visitor Centre

Rugby Visitor Centre has all the information you need to make your visit to Rugby one to remember. We aim to offer a friendly, welcoming and fully accessible experience for everyone.

The birthplace of the game

When William Webb Ellis caught a football at Rugby School and ran with it, a game was born.

Although the game has changed since Webb Ellis created history in 1823, its heart remains in the town of Rugby. It's the reason thousands of rugby fans flock to Rugby every year - to make the pilgrimage to the proud home and birthplace of the game.  During 2023, Rugby School, birthplace of the game, will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of rugby football.